Transport and logistics

Six Ten is a specialist transport and logistics company based in Swindon. We manage multi-location deliveries for our customers.


Six Ten manages multi-location roll-outs, scheduled deliveries and one-off consignments for customers


If you know the route your distribution needs to take, we can work to your plans and delivery to your locations efficiently and professionally


We can take care of the complete planning of your distribution, including using our expert knowledge and route planning software to plan the most efficient and economic roll-out route/s


Six Ten works extensively with the retail industry to manage and fulfill roll-outs and collections from stores across the UK

Warehousing and picking / packing

At our warehouses in Swindon we store, manage, pick and collate deliveries for customers. We have experience of managing multi-product distributions, collating the products at our warehouse facilities and then managing the distribution of these products across the UK.

Case study: logistics and warehousing

Six Ten managed the collection, storage, and subsequent re-distribution of seasonal produce units for a major national retailer.

  • Logistics: full route planning for a multi-location collection across the UK, creating a cost-effective route for our customer
  • Warehousing: short-term storage facilities for produce displays in our Swindon warehouse
  • Product re-distribution: collation of a range of displays and distribution back to stores nationwide


Based in Swindon, Six Ten is ideally located for logistics management across the UK.